Eric Scott Alexander

Chamber Ensemble/Solo/vocal/Choral
Grassroots for solo viola (2018)

Star Spangled Banner, arrangement for trumpet ensemble (2017)

Seasons, a song cycle for contralto and piano (2017)

Soapstone Prairie Quintet for woodwind quintet (2016)

Mystification for violin, clarinet, and percussion (2015)
Moirai for three flutes (2015)
Psychomachia for Trombone and Harp (2015)​ (revised 2017)
Sonatina for Flute and Piano (2014)
Three Songs on Poems of Gabriela Mistral, soprano and piano (2014)
On a Dark Road and Other Night Songs, mezzo-soprano and chamber ensemble (2013)​
Aria for tuba and piano (2012)
Chaco for solo flute (2012)​
Catching the Train, flute and marimba (2012)
The Night, SATB choir (2011)
Sonata for Flute and Piano (2000)
Three Songs on Poems of Emily Dickinson, soprano and piano


Acres for concert band (2011)

Concerto for Flute and Orchestra (premiered by Doriot Anthony Dwyer in Boston, MA) (2001)
Three Songs on Poems of Emily Dickinson, for soprano and orchestra

Electronic Media/Film
And Beyond, music for 3-episode series (2017)​​

America’s Daydream, music for 1 hour documentary (2012)​​
Sirens, musique concrete for tape.